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Desktop Wallpapers
& Backgrounds


Enjoy this selection of desktop wallpapers for use on your home computer or for your mobile device, all available in both standard and widescreen formats! From digital art to fine art, and photographic art, too, feel free to download and use whichever images might appeal to your sensibilities!

An example from each section is shown here on this page — click the link, or the image, to view more wallpapers in each section.



Digital Art Wallpapers

Original digital art desktop backgrounds by Psymon  (creator of this website).



Christopher Pearse Cranch Wallpapers

The beautiful paintings of Christopher Pearse Cranch, each piece digitally restored to remove various marks and blemishes, and reformatted for both standard and widescreen aspect ratios.



Walden Pond Transcendent Background

The main background image for this website — that is, the large picture of Walden Pond behind the parchment scroll — available for free download and use as a tiling background image.



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